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Oct 22, 2012 12:00pm EDT
is crashing into the west coast with rain and mountain snows. heavy snows in the ski areas in california up through the northwest, in toward even moynihan they have winter storm warnings. locally, not much going on here. but if you are flying toward chicago this afternoon, that is a cluster of storms that will be around there likely to slow things down a bit. the futurecast is all quiet. a few clouds late tonight, early tomorrow, especially up north. the showers will stay up in pennsylvania. then wednesday i'm expecting more sunshine, our highs will be near 80 and keep in mind the average high is 66. so well above average for the next several days. >>> we have a new tropical depression. 18 will likely become sally and strengthen to a strong tropical storm by jamaica. then toward the bahamas and after that potentially up to the north and east, maybe bermuda. they are trying to bring this thing back to the east coast sunday monday. 72 if not 74 in a few spots. not as chilliton. mid-40s north and west. 78 tomorrow, 80 on wednesday. still looking real nice thursday friday with saturday in the h
Oct 23, 2012 12:00pm EDT
coming into california. then is goes up through the plains and well north of us. see the showers north of us. they're going to stay generally along and north of i-70. south of that jet is the warm air. that's where we're going to be with temperatures in the 70s today. 80s tomorrow. even though we'll have high clouds again tomorrow and then maybe even mostly cloudy for a little while. i still think we'll be around 80. on thursday we watch some clouds which try to come in off the atlantic, a sign that a cooler air mass will try to work its way here but still pleasant. we have td19, could be tony. don't worry about that. here's sandy getting better organized as we speak. it will be moving up toward the north, northeast toward jamaica where hurricane warnings are now posted for tomorrow. then cuba. then the bahamas and the hurricane center is giving it a track toward the north and east. my concern is that it could come more up the coast toward us. that would be late sunday or monday, tuesday. lots of time to watch it. today 78. tonight about 60. tomorrow 80. 60 in town. 50s in the bushes.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2